Friday, July 20, 2007

Fame and fortune - actually just fame.

Yesterday I made a little news on the Motley Fool investment website. ( I was winning a summer stock-picking contest with over 1000 people participating, and the Fools featured me and my modest blog that I'm keeping on their site.


jademonki said...

Congrats anyways !

I think what you've done on CAPS is amazing. I've noticed a lot of the top guys are playing CAPS rather than an investment strategy. (ie... they pick the cheapest crappiest company they can find at 4 bucks and short it.) Not to take anything away from them as I grovel at the bottom but I'm much more interested in making money than playing the game and your ETF strategy I believe does exactly that. makes money... So congrats anyway for a job well done !

Hodarius said...


I understand that the whole point of CAPS is to identify the best stock prospects, not necessarily to make the most money as our goal is.

Unfortunately CAPS is the only place where I can demonstrate my method to people in a competition. I've looked at other sites which essentially let you manage a pretend mutual fund, but they only let you pick stocks, or put a maximum of 25% on ETF holdings.

Fortunately there are so many leveraged ETFs out now that I can rack up a decent CAPS score by simply making the same timed bet dozens of times!