Friday, March 13, 2009

Can you please tell me...

Tell me how you compute short-term sentiment.


Tell me your secret to identifying a bull market top.


Tell me your secret to identifying a bear market bottom.


Tell me how you made your Dow 8500 forecast in January 2008.



Zach said...

Jody, nobody really thinks you have a secret recipe. You did an excellent job at the top but you’ve been mostly out of the market since 1200+ and have recently sold near 750 and are now buying back near 750 realizing only single digit % gains. Readers of your blog can see that you estimated 8500 based on dividends and gauge sentiment by observing optimistic money flow. There are dozens of blogs laying out investing systems that are up 100’s of % in this market. Keep it real. The S&P has moved over 2000 points in this bear market. I think the only people you are beating are buy and hold investors.

Why the ego?

Jody said...


You're obviously not one of the people that this post was intended for. If everyone had your perspective, I wouldn't be getting repeated requests to reveal how I judge sentiment. (Most of which I've been cutting off before they show up in the comments section.)

Whether or not I have an ego isn't the issue. Human interactions are two-way streets, and after offering my market timing history and commentary for free, I'd say I've earned the right to set the rules here.

By the way, if you've found dozens of other websites with superior systems out there, then it is puzzling that you spend any time at all visiting this less-than adequate blog.