Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Fed will buy Treasury bills

Good news everybody! The left hand (Federal Reserve Bank) has agreed to loan money to the right hand (U.S. Treasury). This should make everyone feel better about the economy, and it has absolutely-positively nothing to do with any bond/debt bubble. Ha-ha! Really. Everything is just fine.


Anonymous said...

Heard this on the radio in the shower today. Immediately followed by the stock market report. Its up! Yea! Everything's good now folks. Back in the market with ye!

/picturing Chevy Chase at the eggnog bowl in Christmas Vacation. "It's good. It's good."


Anonymous said...

High inflation may increase the price of stocks faster than the economy fall. The ultra short ETF may suffer from this.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched The Return of the Pink Panther wherein former chief inspector Dreyfus tries to assure the bumbling Clouseau that everything is fine - Ah ha ha ha ha!

Of course his eye is twitching and I think he tries to dispatch Clouseau in the next scene.

Is that the Ha Ha tone you're intending here ;-D

Catherine W.

Jody said...

Jen and Catherine,

You've got the right idea. I was aiming for the nervous laughter of someone who's trying to hide something.