Monday, March 16, 2009

GRZZX update

The GRZZX purchase that I made with my 50% cash reserve was completed on Friday at a price of $9.32. Since the other half of my Freedom account was already in GRZZX at a purchase price of $9.03, the average purchase price of of my current position is $9.18. (I'll round up, which actually works against me.)

Now, the accounting is more complicated than that, because that 50% cash position came from two sales that resulted in an average gain of 9.1%, or 4.5% (rounded down) for my entire account. To make the math simpler from here on out, I will forget about the 4.5% profit and fold it into the purchase price of the current GRZZX position. Thus, it is as if I purchased GRZZX for $8.79 back in December and January with the original amount of money.


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