Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day

Today I celebrate Christopher Columbus' first voyage of discovery because he was the ultimate trailblazer for the freedom-seeking English farmers who followed and founded the United States of America. The list of accomplishments of this relatively young nation with such humble beginnings is truly astonishing:
  • Started a worldwide democratic revolution that is still underway today.
  • Purged slavery from itself in its deadliest war to date.
  • Liberated hundreds of millions of people from Fascism, Nazism, Communism, and other forms of totalitarianism.
  • Saved and prolonged well over a billion lives around the globe by curing diseases and improving food production.
  • Invented most of the technology that you see around you, from the light bulb in your lamp to the airplanes overhead to the internet that sent you this text.
  • Westerns, stand up comedy, and Rock and Roll - need I say more?
More than anywhere else in the world, the adventurous spirit of Columbus lives on in America, which has landed men on the Moon and explored every planet in the Solar System.

God bless America, and happy Columbus Day to the billions of beneficiaries around the world.


Cathy said...

Yes. Raising my glass to Christopher Columbus this evening and the great exceptional country that those who followed him brought forth on this continent.

Keith Wilson said...

A great post, giving thanks for a great country.
That is a fantastic Columbus Day recognition of America, those who fought to defend it and free others.

Well done

Jody Wilson said...

Lafayette Indiana:
Please limit your posts to ones that have a point.