Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100,000 vote margin in Massachusetts; one key vote in the Senate

In one of the bluest states in the nation, Scott Brown, a Republican, has just been elected to the U.S. Senate seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy. This takes away the filibuster-proof majority that the Democrats hold in the U.S. Senate, and threatens the monstrous and unintelligible health care bill that is being secretly pieced together by the Dems in Congress.

2010 is going to be an interesting year.


Cathy said...

And interesting and Glorious year.

An America for Americans year!

Jody Wilson said...

Careful there. The year isn't over yet. Remember hubris, Nemesis and all that...

Cathy said...

Nah. I know the sunlight when I see it - even before that glorious orb rises. Guess that's what you astronomers call 'civil twilight.'

It always leads to daylight.

And that is what is finally illuminating the interiors of formerly kool-aid-drunk Americans.