Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's socialized medicine, and it will end American medical ingenuity

The real goal and inevitable result of the disastrous Dem-care bill are so plain to see that a single, simple article on Bloomberg.com is all one needs to see the light.

Later this year, health-care insurance companies will be required to allow parents to insure any adult children up to age 25, and to provide new insurance coverage to children with pre-existing illnesses. Regardless of how compassionate this latter provision may be, the simple math is that these added children will represent a net loss of money to the insurance companies. Either the companies will go broke, or they will have to raise everyone's premiums to make up the difference.

The main selling point of the bill - providing government-subsidized insurance for the uninsured - requires a substantial new sum of money to pay for. This money will be raised by cutting Medicare fees paid to hospitals, and by charging new fees and/or taxes from insurance companies and companies that make drugs and medical devices. Yes, that's right: the hospitals that care for us, the companies that insure us, and the companies that manufacture drugs and machines to save our lives are all going to be punished financially. Again, the choice for these companies is either to go bankrupt or pass on the new fees to patients, which ultimately results in even higher insurance premiums.

The insurance companies are thus being hit from three different directions: (1) having to cover the most expensive, previously uninsured patients, (2) being charged with new taxes, and (3) paying for the higher prices that will be passed on by the newly-taxed hospitals, drug companies and medical-device companies. This is just the cold, hard math.

In a nutshell, insurance companies are either going to be closing their doors, or subscribers are going to balk at the higher monthly premiums. Doesn't this sound like a great opening for a single nationalized health-care program? It can't be a coincidence. Of course, once health-care becomes fully socialized, the government will institute strict across-the-board price controls, and then the downward spiral really begins.


Cathy said...

Just listened to Charles Kruathammer's take on this.

He says that given the demands and regulations the government will lay on insurance companies - they will effectively become government utilities that will cover only government prescribed services.

It's a bit more nuanced, but that's the essence of his take.

Keith Wilson said...

Yes, the medical treatment now provided by Medicare will be CUT. Our government wants our medical program to mimic the Canadian system.

However, the Canadian Prime Minister came to the Mayo Clinic in the USA for his own heart treatment! The Canadian system recommended we cut mammography for women, and not start screening until age 50. However, most of our patients we diagnose are in their 30s and 40s. They wouldn't be alive by 50 - but with the death panels that are IN THE BILL, maybe that's the point.

Hodar Report - you are so correct. New drugs, new medical equipment, new treatments will NOT happen. They are imposing a $20 billion tax on all joint prosthesis manufactures. Because they don't want you to be able to get joint replacements.

There is no up side to this destruction of medical care.
America is the greatest nation on earth. "Elect me and help me change it."

Well, you did it.
It is broken, in dept, at increased risk from terrorists, a divided country with more than 10% unemployment. You changed it.

linc campbell said...

Shouldn't it be called Romney-care?


Jody Wilson said...

No. Romney only mildly screwed up the system in one very blue state. His plan neither punished health-care providers nor aimed to drive private insurance companies out of business. "Dem-care" is a perfectly logical name for this destructive national program since not a single Republican Congressman or Senator voted for it.