Monday, May 17, 2010

The debate is over: Socialism sucks.

The track record of socialism is a dismal one. Socialism sapped the life out of Cuba and turned North Korea into a living nightmare. It kept China a poor country and is now gradually being replaced by free market capitalism there. It ravaged Communist Eastern Europe and brought down the mighty Soviet Union after just 70 years. Now the rest of Europe seems poised to fall despite the supposedly better and "softer" version of socialism that it adopted after World War II.

I'm afraid the U.S. isn't far behind, even without the race to become more socialist under Obama and the Dems. Since their inception 45 years ago, Medicare and Medicaid have grown to comprise more than 20% of the (pre-bailout era) Federal budget. Social Security, a tiny program when it was created 75 years ago, now takes up another 21% of the budget. If we add in Welfare, unemployment insurance and the administrative costs to oversee all of these programs, then wealth redistribution totals nearly 60% of the unsustainable Federal budget, and this figure doesn't even include interest payments on the debt.

The Utopian goal of letting everyone own a home has created an economic catastrophe that has yet to be fully realized. The implosion of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and assorted bailouts and liquidity programs can all trace their origins to "compassionate" policies that both facilitated and required banks to lend money to people who normally wouldn't qualify for loans.

Let's just admit it finally here and now: Socialism drains the vigor out of cultures and kills nations.

Socialism sucks.

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Cathy said...

Sat with a group of nice women at book club last night. It was formed 20 years ago by a few local women who belong to the American Association of University Women.

There's frequently an emphasis on issues affecting women, but broader leftist issues lace the discussions inspired by the readings.

I bite my tongue because I am:
1. a coward
2. can't keep debate points assembled in my head
3.I know they've drunk so much koolaid that they're unreachable.

These are true believers.

Last night both the situations in Greece and Haiti floated into the conversation.

What did these women see as the central issue creating their problems? Only one - and it wasn't the socialism that has infected and drained their cultures - no, it was 'greed'.

One gal remarked that the wealthy Greeks don't pay any taxes and someone else mentioned the filthy rich in Haiti.

No one mentioned the form of government. The evil, greedy rich are the problem and the remedy is to redistribute their hoarded wealth.

Oh yes, a gal chortled with sympathy that the Greeks were suing American banks, and then sardonically added that they couldn't win because of the high price they'd have to pay to New York lawyers for adequate counsel.

Nice women. Intelligent women. Highly educated women. America bad. Everyone else - victims.
(Of bad America)

Liberalism is a mental disorder.