Friday, September 17, 2010

As goes Europe, so goes Blue State America

Ironically, the most anti-religious places in America (the Bluest/most Liberal) are proving the be the most susceptible to Islamification. Of course, when you consider that Blue states model themselves after European socialists, and that Europe is gradually succumbing to Islam, it may not be so surprising after all.

The Ground Zero mosque in New York City, which has the support of our first Son of Islam, Barack Hussein Obama, may prove to be the opening round in the as yet non-violent national debate over Islam in the U.S. Last year I witnessed local Islamification in person when I happened upon a strange hidden weekend meeting about Islamic banking on the campus of Boston University. Now there's this eye-opening example of Wellesley students visiting Boston:

It's bad enough that Red and Blue states have developed irreconcilable differences of opinion about the power of government versus individual liberties, but given enough time Blue states will be agitating for nationalized Sharia Law with the religious fervor of Muslim warriors. I don't want to be around for that civil war.


Cathy said...

Holy Sh**!!


That's all I've got.

I'm speechless and my BP just broke the pressure barrier.

(I will be doing inquiries in town here to see if our schools are involved in ANYTHING like this)

Keith Wilson said...

That was an incredible post!
Both informative and scary.
This video must be seen by as many as possible.

thanks for doing such a great service and for providing this information.

Excellent job of exposing such an horrific event in our public schools.