Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Evil or stupid? Socialism is both.

This is Andrew Cuomo(D), then Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, bragging about forcing banks to loan money to poor people in 1998:
"They would not have qualified [for the loans] but for this affirmative action by the bank, which will be a higher risk. I'm sure there will be a higher default rate on those mortgages."

Another case of Government doing more harm than good.


ismellarat said...

It's evil and brilliant, if you're on the receiving end.

The only ones who are stupid are those (the vast majority, unfortunately) who keep voting for more of the same. Like the abused girlfriend who keeps whining about her situation but can't conceive of a life different from the "secure" one she still has.

ismellarat said...

Check out "The Killing and Reviving of the American Dream."


I hope Lew Rockwell is right in his hopefulness, but it's an uphill battle. Voting beats working harder any day.

Jody Wilson said...

I admit I have the same fear: that Tea Party candidates, once ensconced in D.C., will morph into the same old establishment "elites." I don't even want to hint here what would then be required to re-liberate our country.

Again I should point out that my only gripe with Libertarians (and it's a big one) is their apparent desire to reduce our military strength/posture. Of course I don't want to pay $3,000 for a hammer, but I do want the oceans swarming with our carrier groups, weapons that will shoot down a N. Korean missile, and fighter planes that continually outclass our enemies. My reality is that our big, bad military is easily the best money our government has ever spent - and only 20% of the federal budget at that.

I hope that Libertarians and conservatives like me can agree to disagree for now and join forces against the Left to eliminate the socialist 60%+ of the federal budget. If we can't do that then we are truly doomed.