Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Schiff Thesis Portfolio

I've set up a portfolio on Google finance that includes my transactions and holdings since I started betting against the dollar on October 14 of last year.  I normalized the starting amount to $100,000.  Here's a screen capture of the results so far (click to enlarge):

Google finance doesn't always give the correct names of the funds, so here's a table of the ETFs I'm using:

ETF TickerDescription
AUSEAustralia + New Zealand Bonds
ALDAsia Local Debt (Bonds)
AUSEAustralia Dividend Stocks
ENZLNew Zealand Stocks
DVYAAsia/Pacific Dividend Stocks
EWMMalaysia Stocks
NORWNorway Stocks
EWLSwitzerland Stocks
HDGEUS Bear Market
SILSilver Mining Stocks
USLOil price ETF (12 month futures)
GDXGold Mining Stocks

I'd rather have a live public portfolio that readers can check at any time - does anyone know of a website that does this?

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